May-August 2019 Calendar

 The Club will meet every Tuesday @ 5:30am and Saturday @ 8am starting in May.


May 4: 8am Williamsport YMCA: Bike Maintenance 

May 7: 5:30am Williamsport YMCA Swim Technique Practice 

May 11: 8am Heshbon Park Bike (Rolling Hills)

May 14th: 5:30am Williamsport YMCA Swim Technique/Endurance 

May 18: 8am Riverwalk (Faxon Exit) Bike

May 21: 5:30am Williamsport YMCA Run Hill Sprints

May 25: 8am Greevy's Boat Launch Endurance 

May 28: 5:30am Williamsport YMCA Swim Technique and Endurance 


June 1: 8am Riverwalk (Faxon Exit) Run

June 4: 5:30am Williamsport Y or Loyalsock Track pending weather 

June 8: 8am Heshbon Park Bike

June 11: 5:30am Williamsport YMCA Run

June 15: 8am Greevy Boat Launch Bike & Run

June 18: 5:30am Greevy Boat Launch Open Water Swim

June 22: 8am South Williamsport Park Bike & Run (hilly)

June 25: 5:30am Riverwalk (Faxon Exit) Bike

June 29: 8am Greevy Boat Launch Mini Tri! 


July 2: 5:30am Riverwalk (faxon exit) Run

July 6: 8:00am Greevy Boat Launch Swim & Run

July 9: 5:30 Greevy Boat Launch Bike & Run

July 13: 8am Lumberjack Course Bike

July 16: 5:30am Greevy Boat Launch Swim 

July 20: 8am Lumberjack Run Course

July 23: 5:30am South Williamsport Park Bike

July 27: 8am Greevy Boat Launch Mini Tri

July 30: 5:30am Greevy Boat Launch Swim & Run 

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